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We need this back. Badly.
If the "one button per mod" rule is what is holding this up.
Is it maybe possible to turn this into an addon that can be installed with multiple instances, and just let's the user pick an icon and a command they'd like executed?
Let everybody make their own toolbar buttons?
This just popped into my head while I was pondering how badly I miss being able to close a tab from a button I had right under the address bar, instead of having to find the (far too small) 'x' on the tab, opening a context menu, or reaching for the keyboard to do the shortcut.

EDIT: Yah, separate addons for separate buttons make more sense. I had been so used to the old mod, I hadn't even thought to check what I could find as separate buttons. Turns out, a few already exist, so I got my beloved "close tab" button back already.

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Much easier to just release each command as a separate extension and let you choose that way.
And just to be clear, the one button per extension is what makes updating this impossible. Being slow about releasing others is because I have to almost totally rewrite each of the commands to work against the new webextensions API.