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Last November, I started using Windows 8. At same time I installed Thunderbird 17x(IcelandicDictionary 3.1.9).No matter I installed the Icelandic Dictionary 3.1.9, my default app-language didn´t change.Error message, when I reinstalled the Icelandic Dictionary, Tb 17 is not compatible with Windows 8.I noticed the newest version of Firefox 17.1 kept on using Icelandic-Menubar, but not Tbird.By renaming the compleate profile-folder for Thunderbird and make a clean-install, Tbird accepted using Icelandic as a default application language.CONCLUTION: Thunderbird 17x is compatible with Windows 8.I´m not a pc-guru, but it works so far for me. Thunderbird, Firefox and Windows8 is an interestingly good combination.Thanks to Ragnar and Mozilla!

This review is for a previous version of the add-on (1.3).