ע\ع (Ayn\Ayn) Lookup [former ע\ع Converter] 1.15.2

Privacy Policy

ע\ع Lookup Privacy Policy

1. This Add-On does not track (and does not collect) any information on the user activity in the Internet. Any text that a user selects for search/translation will be passed by this software only to the online search/translation services required to produce the search result for the user. No part of this information will be passed to any other server.

2. A user may disable, using the Add-On options pane, the search/translation and use the transliteration only. The transliteration is performed locally on the user's computer, no data is transferred out of the user's computer for the transliteration.

3. Advertisement, shown in the bottom of the result pane, is not context sensitive. Nor location of the pages that the user browses, nor any text from them are transferred to any server to produce the advertisement.

4. A user may disable the advertisement using the add-on options pane.

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