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I had tried the Add-on 'Track Package', but that failed within an hour of installation so I searched for an alternative. I then found this Add-on, installed it and restarted FF. Thus far, I am quite satisfied. If it continues to work as it has initially I will be delighted as it is incredibly useful if you need to track many packages. I will use this for a few days and report any problems or idiosyncrasies.

Track Package

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I initially installed this a few days ago and it worked like a charm. I played with it and tested its capabilities for about an hour. I then restarted Firefox and it all fell apart. The first thing I noticed was that the FF Tools: Track Package sub-Menu had disappeared. Then also, the Track Package on the right-click menu had also gone missing. I have tried to reinstall Track Package several times, but to no avail. I am sorry to see it go as it was incredibly useful for the full hour that it actually worked. Addendum: Neither the Track Package website nor the Developer's website are available. I shot an email off to the Developer explaining the situation, but he has, as yet, either not read it or simply chooses not to respond.