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Thanks for updating again, however I do not have the menu entry on TB 68.5 (x32) even though the plugin appears to be enabled and 'compatible'.. Please do reach out if I can help with debugging...

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Works a treat on 60.9.1 for me. Thanks!

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Hi yshingai,

Thanks for the changes that you made to the initial add-on.

I updated my Thunderbird to 68.1.2 and it seems that is not working anymore. I am getting the following error from Thunderbird Add-on page

Copy Folder mod is incompatible with Thunderbird 68.1.2

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Selecting the folders works in TB 60.8 but it does not copy anything.
Anyway thanks for the efforts to keep this addon alive!

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Hi guys, the old Copy Folder does not work for me on SL6; right-clicking on the folder pops up a menu that includes Copy to... but the only destination shown is "Recent>" which has an empty menu. So I tried to install the -mod version but it apparently isn't yet approved by Mozilla. Is it malware?

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It now works like a charm in the new Thunderbird!