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I don't like this plugin's "customizations". Fortunately I found "Undo customizations" button in this plugin preferences. How come developer thought that moving all Inboxes (if one has multiple accounts) under one item node of the tree is a good idea?
What else? I don't know how settings work for this plugin. There is bunch of options but no "Save" button. How I suppose to know that settings where saved? Or this are not preferences just setup to run "Setup assistant"? How should I know? User experience of this piece of software is very low

Another crap which happens when I installed this plugin in Thunderbird 78.3.1 (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS) - three menus get disabled. I can't use "Message", "Events and Tasks" and "Tools". Clicking them does nothing, no option shows up.

Overall experience and look and feel of this plugin is very bad. I think it has its glory days long behind itself. Some software becomes unusable and this happen here too.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (3.1.22) abgegeben.