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The theme has a nice colored background for the folder pane, is fairly crisp, and doesn't do anything annoying (like poor choices for toolbar icons or forcing you to see a placeholder for a contact photo next to every email address).

The vertical scrollbar thumb needs to be both larger and colored to work well when you have over a thousand messages in a folder. The show only unread messages icon in the quick filter bar is confusing. The folder pane has colored folder icons but the folder tab doesn't use those colors.

It has confusing color choices for folder icons in the folder pane. Most folder icons are blue, while the drafts icon is green, the junk icon is white (expected red or orange), saved search and templates are white and the inbox is white with a green down arrow.

When I installed it for version 60 and restarted with that theme enabled Thunderbird continued to display the default theme. It only displayed correctly after I re-installed 52.9.1, ran it, exited and then re-ran 60. Both versions used the same profile. It would help if there was a support email link.