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The idea of a sticky note is good and it is a feature which should be part of TB. After researching the many note products, I liked XNote best. I'm disappointed that it didn't install, especially after I spent quite some time reading about every product. I wish you can make it go soon. --- I tried not to rate it because I don't know how it works, but the system forces me to have an opinion. Sorry, therefore I gave it only one star.

Secure Google Search (SSL)

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It SEEMS that since the installation of the SSL for Google searches the Chat in Facebook became unavailable and not a single privacy setting can be changed.

Do you have a similar experience?

Entfernung doppelter Nachrichten (Alternative)

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The program works correctly and has helped me eliminate duplicates, especially after mail has been downloaded onto two computers and then is merged.
It did not eliminate duplicates in the merged Sent folder, which is by design. I reported it as a bug and within an hour Eyal told me to set a parameter (removedupes.allowed_special_folders) to have the Sent folder also scanned.

He deserves 5 stars plus 1 more for responsiveness.

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The description takes about a subsubsubmenu -- which one? I don't know enough about Thunderbird to guess what this program does. Thank you