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This was the best theme out there by far... Unfortunately, it's been abandoned, and compatibility has fallen off, to the point where it's unusable with Thunderbird 60+


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I really liked this addon, but it hasn't been supported for quite some time. Up through Thunderbird 52, you could hack the version number info to make it work, but old extensions are truly broken in Thunderbird 60. Hopefully this extension is revived someday!

IE View

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I've been using IE View for years, and really like its simple functionality. Unfortunately, it doesn't support MultiProcess, and according to Mozilla's developer blog, extensions using old methods that don't support MultiProcess won't be loaded in Firefox starting in version 57.

For now, this means you can't have this extension enabled and have Firefox use MultiProcess features. Soon, it'll probably mean this extension will not work at all.


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Since Thunderbird's notification popup feature is broken in Windows 10, this seemed like an ideal solution, and it works... sort of. Even though the configuration has an option for how many incoming emails to combine into a single notification, the extension spits out one notification for every single email received, no matter how high that number is set. So if in a single polling on an IMAP server, there are 4 new emails, it'll send 4 separate notifications and notification sounds in a row via Win10's notification service.

I love the idea, but until it works properly, I've got to disable it. Getting a whole bunch of notification chimes in rapid succession is too disruptive.

(Review is based on behavior of GNotifier 1.10.5 in Thunderbird 52.2 on Windows 10x64 Pro)

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Manually sort folders

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I recently moved my email accounts, so I added some new servers, and am about to delete the old ones. I used this plugin to re-sort the accounts rather than doing it the about:config way, and it worked great, except for one thing...

I had moved my "Feeds" (RSS) folder to the end, after "Local Folders," but this plugin moved "Local Folders" back to the end, and in its UI, "Local Folders" is locked there. I want my feeds separate from my email, at the bottom of the list, but this extension makes that impossible, because of what seems to be an arbitrary UI choice.

Once I finish my server move, I'll have to move my accounts around manually and avoid using this plugin, so it doesn't break my sorting again.

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Mnenhy used to be an absolutely essential extension for me, because it made using POPFile for SPAM filtering fairly convenient. Unfortunately, the author has not been able to keep up with Thunderbird's development, and every couple iterations of the software break Mnenhy. In current versions of Thunderbird, it causes the email preview pane to misbehave badly, and prevents message windows from displaying at all.

This was a great extension, but it appears to be dead. Even if it's brought back to life, Thunderbird's rapid development cycle, combined with the author's occasional update cycle, makes it unusable in the long term.

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Extra Folder Columns

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This restores a useful feature that was annoyingly removed from Thunderbird (though I still miss the parenthetical unread message number, which takes less space than a column). As others have pointed out, this extension does NOT work properly with the "Smart Folders" view (inbox accounts are all listed as "Inbox" instead of the account names. Ditto for Sent, Drafts, and Trash). Hopefully that'll be addressed in a future version.

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MinimizeToTray--0.9pre Compatible

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Succesfully forced install on Sunbird 1.0b1 with install.rdf hack, but it doesn't function. :(

MinimizeToTray Plus

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I edited the Install.rdf file to "force" it to work with Sunbird 1.0b1 (by changing the MaxVersion to 1.1), but Sunbird still says it's incompatible with this version.