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Forecastfox Weather

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***[Please read important annotation below primary review]***
Great add-on; it saved me from frostbite or heatstrokedue to temp.difference outdoors ;P . And of course, it also prepares you for various precipitation and other atmospheric phenomena.

Gets up-to-date info from accuweather, a decent service--which was relatively unknown outside the internet until this very popular add-on was created years ago--derives data and info. from various corroborating local, regional, and global meteorological and sources.
It includes many options to display differing number of days, a "radar" or satellite screen, and hazardous weather alerts, all shown with customizable sets of icons and text in metric (SI) and/or nonstandard (e.g. imperial) units. There have been many widgets and extensions since this one, but this was one of the first with rich functionality, making it a huge success.
***Unfortunately, this is yet another victim of 28.0a1 "australis" and I haven't been able to use it since updating Firefox the second 'night' (daytime here). Mozilla wants us to get used to a minimalist UI, and I'm sure they'll show the authors how to fix this. That said, WHY??? This UI looks like G. Chrome, right down to the icons and the appbox-like sliding button menu. So, in the first Nightly build it was still working, and there are obviously many similar extensions and widgets for Chrome. They want us to give up our beloved status bar and add-on toolbar, which is now a flickering tooltip and nonexistent, neither can hold this extension's display. Furthermore, there's no option in australis to create additional blank toolbars without extensions. IMHO, this change is incredibly stupid, because the logical conclusion is to simply use Chrome (or Opera, Safari,etc. ), when Firefox will eventually look and behave very similar to those competitors' browsers... AND I wouldn't be surprised at all if they have an accuweather plug-in.***


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awesome top-right corner graphic, but the colors... they make my styles look weird, need to adjust and then I can hardly see light colored buttons. It's Nightly 28.01a1 "australis" fault for removing icon/button options, so we're stuck with TINY buttons light colored buttons with NO COLOR on background that both DARK and LIGHT depending on the position. Think how great it would be if the buttons were classic style and had color, so I could actually see them.