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Wug Theme

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Love the dark and light grey contrast, like a storm about to break. The dark burgundy menu/tool bar suits the theme perfectly. Dark, simple with a little bit of mystery.

Epileptic Gaming

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This title is highly inappropriate. Various games can cause epileptic seizures/fits (flashing lights). Epilepsy is a serious medical condition. Epileptic Gaming may well be the best f#*king game show, but a Grand Mal Epileptic Seizure is anything but enjoyable. An epileptic seizure is similar to receiving electric shock treatment - is that what you want your gamers to experience? Epiepsy is not a joke! Many friends of mine have epilepsy. Please change the name of your game.

Strange Blue

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I love this colour.!
Unlike many others, it's the same from top to bottom, A strange comment? Other themes look like one colour, but taper off half way down the screen.The text becomes unclear, unless it's able to adapt to its surroundings - not a common feature...
This fits in well with so many other screen designs.
Most importantly, the text is clear throughout, and, again, the colour is beautiful - greyish blue, or gunmetal blue is so serene, yet so refined. Helps me feel calm, while still looking business-like...
Thank you.


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Love the colour choice. Easy on the eyes, and very calming. Also good distinction between tabs and the various menu bars, with clear, legible print.
A job well done! Ta...


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Bit of a waste - no description of what it's supposed to do... Just several opinions about "it" and how "it" should be downloaded/installed - absolutely brilliant!!

Extension List Dumper

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Have downloaded & installed it, but can't use it - can't find location of Extensions, Themes & Plugins to fill empty category boxes for extension list dumper. Site doesn't help. More trouble than it's worth.

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Wastes space and I can't get rid of it!
After installing it saw how much room it took up - too much. Knew it wouldn't serve much purpose (I can't download everything), so removed it completely. When computer restarted, it was still there, and as it is now. Keeps telling me it'll be removed once I restart my computer...
What do I do? - it's very annoying now, taking up at least half the page, all the time!!! HELP

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