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Hi FFJon, Rikaichan is an indispensable tool for quite a few users; may I ask, will you be writing a webextensions version for FF57+, or is that just too much work?? It would be sorely missed if that's the case, so I hope you are able to find some time to write a webextensions version! Thank you regardless for this tremendous tool, a boon for the multilingual inclined amongst us.

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The current placement of the default mouseover menu in 3.00 blocks the kanji the cursor is hovering over. Please correct this in a future iteration, so the translation menu displays directly below the cursor as it does in 2.09.

I realize there is an option to choose alternate locations but personally I prefer the menu showing up right where the cursor is. Otherwise, this is a very useful tool for Kanji learners. Thanks again guys.

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