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Identity Chooser

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Unobtrusive, functional, and an indispensable aid in managing multiple mail accounts. Thank you - Vielen Dank!

LookOut (fix version)

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TNEF is a plague, but this addon makes it possible to bear it. Thank you for providing this!

Provider für CalDAV & CardDAV

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Works perfectly with TB78 and really easy to set up. Thank you - Vielen Dank!


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Easy to use, functional, versatile, extendible - excellent addon! Also had to equip Outlook with DAV functionality via plugin, but that was much more of a hassle. I'm using the addon together with its Provider for CalDAV companion. THANK YOU to the author for providing this!

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (2.20) abgegeben. 

Account Colors

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Well, have been living without this great addon for a few months now for obvious reasons, and it has turned out to be completely irreplacable. Working with multiple accounts has become tedious and error-prone, it's a shame that there is apparently no way to bring back the clear color-coded arrangement of messages. None of the proposed alternatives can be used instead to mimic any of the core functionalities of Account Colors, they don't even come close. A giant thank you to the developer for providing such a great tool for so many years! And hopefully there will be something similar in the future.