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the add-on just does NOTHING (thunderbird portable 68.4.2) although I configured it to disable motre than one visible recipient and startetd TB once again!

Did you get it to work yet? If not perhaps it's something to do with 'thunderbird portable'. There are 1000+ users for which it presumably does not 'do nothing'!

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Thank you very much. I was upset when the plugin did not work anymore with version 6xx. This is such a great help for users that send serial emails!!!
Hugo Scheer

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by Matt Miller on Sept. 18, 2019 · permalink

THANK YOU! Not having BCC as a Default was driving me NUTS ! This works like a charm

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by DaveRo (Developer) on Oct. 18, 2019 · permalink

Do you use it to change the initial recipient, on all new mails, to BCC? I ask because I doubted anybody actually used that feature. That might be better done with a separate, much simpler, addon. Do you need the 'limit number' feature at all if you start all emails with BCC?

!st....there should be a way to reply...and there isn' hence a 'new review'

I'm a sole proprietor PC/ Mac computer mavin. 20 years..... For me , from my experience in simple best practices for email and computer security, BCC should be the default! T Bird used to make it easy for this when one chose BCC for the primary, subsequent addressee's defaulted to BCC. For awhile now.....that hasn't been the case. So thats why I so glad to have found your offering! I have it set for all my addressee's to auto change to BCC. I'm not talking about a LIST! I invariably write emails to different folks and want BCC to be the default for all. This is a Privacy ANDddd Security Issue!!! And I don't want to be visible in a CC list coming from anyone unless its a very personal group where everyone knows each other! When a Virus takes invades ones email address book and attempts to infect others by sending out an email to all......I don't want that to happen to me or anyone !!! TBird and Outlook , etc should have some Savoir Faire and recognize that having To or CC as the default is a DANGEROUS practice and change this! So...thats 'the method to my madness' and why I'm so grateful to you for this! If you have contact with the main code folks...I would request that you try and 'enlighten' them as to this!

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Just perfect! Thank you for the porting to TB 68.