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I am waiting for a really usable export+import function for years. Originally I expected such a feature in Thunderbird itself but I lost my hope. The Add-On here is far away from being good.

I sorted all my approx. 100000 messages into a folder tree with approx 1500 folders.
Now I want to export them in *.eml format. So that a folder in Thunderbird is represented by a folder in Win7 (Linux). The export should take place in one step (not by having to export each single folder one-by-one).
Unfortunately this important core task is NOT possible with this Import/Export Add-on.
I got no feedback from the author if he is willing to implement this (easy) feature or not.

So I am still waiting for a real usable import/export Add-on


Please send the complaint to Thunderbird team.
This is not the right place.