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I loved this plugin too. But now it does not work as it did in the past.

On Thunderbird 68.5 for Mac OS X and once installed, the plugin does not offer to type any letter at all, but it only allow selecting a folder from a drop-down list.

Please update it to recover the original way to work!!

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Anyone else experiencing the behaviour I described with Thunderbird 68+ on OSX Catalina?
I'm no more able to enter any text in the folder search textbox as it actually appears as a ListBox and not a ComboBox as it was with previous versions of Thiunderbird.

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Very useful plugin, it makes very easy to move to a specific folder by typing the initials of its name.
However, starting from version 68 of Thunderbird (I'm now on 68.2.2 on Mac OS X) only selecting a folder by navigating the tree is possible and for me it is no more possible to type the name of the folder I want to move to.
I hope the developer can fix this specific and very useful feature.