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Version 2.0alpha3 368.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.3a3pre - 3.3a4pre

This new version incorporates many changes from alpha2. We recommend you read the companion blog post to learn about the new features! Here's the full Changelog:

  • UI support for printing a conversation.
  • Conversation tabs now persist.
  • Added some tweaks to better support GitHub notification emails.
  • Localization work. Upcoming releases should have more locales.
  • A new gallery view has been implemented.
  • Thunderbird Conversations did not honor the "do not automatically mark
    messages as read" case. Please check, in Preferences > Advanced > Display
    and reading that the settings are correct.
  • Messages sent with quick reply now request return receipts according to the
    global or account-specific preferences.
  • Improved conversations-in-separate-tabs: they now update automatically as new
    messages arrive, and some inconsistencies between multiple copies of the same
    conversation have been fixed.
  • Support for phishing warnings.
  • Support for Lightning notification bar, kudos to Philipp Kewisch!
  • Support for spellchecking the quick reply. Use right-click to pick a language.
    Will work only if using a recent Thunderbird (> 3.2).
  • Quick reply improvements: now saves recipients, and doesn't lock the UI
  • UI support for extra contact actions (create filter, monospace from this
  • UI support for junking a message (only available if there's just one message
    in the conversation).
  • Remove dotted outline on selected messages.
  • Improvements in the setup assistant for people with a huge number of messages.
  • Use photos found through the local address book when Contacts is installed.

Version 2.0alpha2 347.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.3a1 - 3.3a4pre

This is mostly a maintenance release that fixes a ton of annoying bugs that have been reported since alpha1. Thanks to everyone for the feedback! Highlights are quoting support for quick reply, support for utf8 in quick reply, a new send & archive button. Here's the full changelog:

- Proper quoting support for quick reply
- Fix performance issues for emails with a ton of contacts
- Offer users the possibility to leave feedback in the Mozilla Messaging addons
forum after 20 Thunderbird startups with Thunderbird Conversations enabled.
- Fix ???s in quick replies (was caused when the reply had characters that were
not covered by the original character encoding).
- Update folder tags when switching folders.
- Add a button to edit / add the contact into the Thunderbird address book
- New 'Send & Archive' option (Control-Shift-Enter or Meta-Shift-Enter on OSX)
- Make sure the message body is in disabled state while the sending process is
taking place.
- Make the text more understandable in the setup assistant. Don't allow the user
to request changes again.
- Fix issue with font rendering on OSX.
- Make sure deleting messages is undoable.
- Don't send the message multiple times in quick reply (happens if messages have
been appended at the end of the conversation).
- Fix a rare case where the quick reply would be unusable
- Add links to Google Profiles and Flickr photo pages
- Add a throbber when sending messages
- Confirm sending empty messages.
- Don't force the message pane into being shown if previously hidden with F8.
- Make sure the focus is in the recipient field when hitting "edit" to edit the
to:, cc: or bcc: list.
- Change 'n' and 'p' keyboard shortcuts to the standard 'b' and 'f' Thunderbird
ones. Prevents conflicts with muttator and other extensions which bind unused
keys in Thunderbird.
- Fix issue where archiving messages in a thread would prevent the last
remaining message from being marked as read.
- Make sure conversation view works fine in other folder tabs.
- Take into account Reply-To headers when present for quick reply.
- Fix "Copy Complete" issue.
- Fixed issue where you could not use quick reply for recipients whose names
contained commas.
- Make standard keyboard shortcuts work even when the conversation view has
focus (forward them to the main window).
- Make sure we mark message as "replied to" (small blue arrow in the message

Version 2.0alpha1 317.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.3a1 - 3.3a2pre

This is a complete rewrite and a significant improvement over previous versions. See the (upcoming) companion blog post on the Mozilla Labs blog for more information and a screencast!

Version 1.1.2 217.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

This is a maintenance release, a new version is being developed right now.
- Fix buttons appearance on Windows.
- Add es-ES locale.

Version 1.1.1 214.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

This version fixes minor issues such as:
- attachments "paperclip" icon not being the same on all platforms
- bad interaction with the "details" tooltip

Version 1.0 94.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.1 - 3.1.*

Finally, the 1.0 release is here. This version features a TON of improvements over the previous beta, and I believe it to be much better.

The highlights of this release are:
- a new design,
- compatibility with Enigmail,
- keyboard navigation,
- many more options to control how you want your conversation displayed,
- inline attachment preview,
and many more (full list below).

As usual, I strongly encourage you to take the tour before using the extension, as it will help you take advantage of it.

Full Changelog:
- German, Italian, Serbian, Hebrew, French, Japanese and Chinese translations
- New design, based on mockups from the Thunderbird UX team. Improved readibility and usability, more actions available. You can view images inline, open images in a new Thunderbird tab, open text attachments in a new Thunderbird tab, archive messages individually.
- Assign colors to participants in the conversation.
- Compatible with Enigmail!
- Fully revamped keyboard navigation. Use tab to jump from the message list to the conversation view. Use p and n to move between messages. Use o to open messages. Use h to hide certain messages before printing.
- Revamped printing. Messages now flow properly accross pages.
- Added more options regarding which message in the conversation should be opened first.
- Dozens of bug fixes...

- Compatible with Thunderbird 3.1
- Compatible with Bugzilla setups (uses X-Mozilla-Who when available)

- Added a keyboard navigation mode.
* Use tab to jump from the message list to the individual messages in the
* Use o or Enter key to open/close a given message.
* Use n/p to move to next/previous message in the conversation.
* Use h to hide a message before printing the whole conversation.
* Use backspace to move back to the conversation view.
- New keyboard shortcut: hold "shift" while clicking the "open thread in new tab" button (either in the main toolbar, the message header toolbar or the conversation toolbar) to display the conversation full-screen (without the message list).

- More options to determine which messages to open first when displaying a conversation.
- New option to display messages using a monospaced font for specific senders
- Added an "icons-only" mode for the buttons in the conversation view. This should make it easier for narrow screens to properly display the conversation title. Added native icons on Linux, Mac and Windows.
- Added a "back" button to easily switch back to the single message view that was displayed before the conversation.

- Improve message display code
- Basic compatibility with Enigmail for signatures and encrypted emails.

- Fix auto-load not working in certain setups
- Fix: don't silently mark a conversation as read when the conversation is selected and Thunderbird does not have the focus.
- Fix: deleting a conversation using the conversation toolbar now also deletes messages that aren't in the current folder.

- Dropped large parts of the code, in order to simplify maintenance. plain/text messages are now displayed using the standard Thunderbird display code. This means they will use the default font, they will have standard
s around quotations instead of >s.
- Dropped support for "use HTML for viewing messages whenever possible". The extension now follows the Thunderbird global policy: select View > Message Body As > [whatever you want] to achieve the same effect.

Version 0.3beta2 41.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0.1 - 3.2a1pre

This version fixes a lot of annoying small bugs. The most important change in this version is the switch to GitHub to open up the development process. There are now links to the bug tracker and the wiki. Here's the full Changelog.

GMail Conversation View 0.3beta2

- Various bugfixes from Justin Hileman: Makefile fixes, monospaced text
- Visual refresh of the conversation view, many thanks to Justin Hileman.
- Fix the Makefile to be compatible with older versions of zip.
- Be compatible to some degree with options mail.correct_threading and
mail.strict_threading (the "open in new tab" feature won't work though).
- Add an option to display message snippets using a monospaced font.
- Fix issues with the options dialog size on Mac.
- Display proper icons in the "Customize palette" dialogs.
- There is now an indication for messages that are drafts.

GMail Conversation View 0.3beta1
- Fix packaging bug. All development builds between 03/01 and 03/07 won't work.
- Fix the visual appearance of the button in the mail header toolbar.
- Fix a bug where error messages would remain stuck on the screen.
- Added an option (disabled by default) to mark the whole thread as read when
the conversation view is loaded.
- The extension now uses a jar file for better performance.
- Revamped options dialog (much better).
- The extension's icon is now visible in Thunderbird 3.0.x (only in 3.1 before)

GMail Conversation View 0.3alpha3
- Make the extension still work when the "Global search and indexer" is
disabled. You won't get all the features but it should improve your experience
- Added more meaningful error messages.
- Warn people when "Global search and indexer" is disabled (this prevents the
extension from working).

GMail Conversation View 0.3alpha2
- Conversations are now automatically pulled by default (this can be disabled in
the options dialog). This means that if you reply to someone's message, although
there is no thread in your inbox, the conversation view will appear whenever you
select that message. This adds some extra stress on Thunderbird so this can be
disabled in the add-on's options.
- Added links to reply (and other actions) to an email in the conversation
directly (it's not necessary to open the message first anymore). You can hold
shift while clicking the links, it will work as expected.
- Added support for viewing messages as HTML (now enabled by default). Many
rounds of improvement. This should be perfectly usable now modulo bug 540911.
- Added folding support for HTML emails, added some heuristics to detect more
types of quotes than Thunderbird does by default (Hotmail-style,
Outlook-style, "----- Original message -----"-style...). Please report any false
- Many improvements to the way HTML messages are displayed: JS, displaying
images now follow the global content policy, inline images are properly
displayed, HTML is sanitized, and many more...
- Added a small button that allows you to toggle between monospaced and regular
font for viewing plain/text messages. Useful for Bugzilla emails for instance.
- Added an option to reverse the order of messages (last -> first)
- Fixes a bug where a thread would be incorrectly summarized as more than one
conversation. This is actually a bug in Thunderbird, see bug 538750.
- Fixed a bug that would render tab characters incorrectly in plain/text
messages with fixed-width fonts.
- Fixed a nasty bug where dates were displayed using a wrong character set.
- "Mark all read" now also marks your own messages as read. The menuitem was
sometimes incorrectly grayed out. This is now fixed.
- Improve the look of printed messages (many more improvements).

Version 0.3alpha1 26.0 KiB Funktioniert mit Thunderbird 3.0.1 - 3.1b1pre

This is a preview release. Please do report bugs by email, not in the comments. I will need to contact you to get more information so leaving a comment is useless. Please check my to do list before reporting a lack of feature / a bug, it might already be there.

There's been a lot of under-the-hood improvements since the last version, plus a lot of new nice features based on user requests. See the Changelog below. I have a few more items left on my to do list, but I need to get a wider testing before releasing a 0.3 version. So please make sure you report bugsby email. Thanks !

- Rough HTML message support (slight improvements)
- Added a small paperclip icon next to messages that have "real" attachments (a
"false" attachment is an attachment you can display in the conversation view
such as texts, forwarded emails, old emails, etc.)
- Added a context-menu to the multi message view, that allows you to *print*
conversations. There's an associated "print style". Other various actions are
available through the context menu.
- Added extra buttons (+ preferences) when viewing a conversation : unfold all,
fold all, mark all read, open in new tab. There buttons only appear if viewing a
conversation, not a summary of messages scattered accross different threads.
- Added an option that allows you to focus the first unread message when viewing
a conversation (if all messages are read, focuses to the last message). This
should be working perfectly now.
- Fixed a bug when the add-on failed to retrieve certain messages and displays
"..." instead of the message's text.
- Fix some performance issues (optimize array accesses, remove jQuery animations
as it would considerably slow down unfolding of long emails).
- For GMail accounts, since the same message is in multiple folders, useless
changes of folders were performed when trying to display a specific message by
clicking on the sender's name. This is now fixed.
- For GMail accounts, clicking on a message *you* had sent would take you to the
"Archives" folder. This is now fixed and sends you to the "Sent" folder.
- Fixed some inconsistencies for GMail, such as: in the folder corresponding to
a label, the thread would select the messages in "Archives" instead of the
messages in the current folder, thus sometimes creating inconsistencies
regarding the read/unread status.
- Localized (only en-US for now)