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Risky tool. Sometimes doesn't find clear attachements and just omits them without any warning. 80 Mails with a PDF, only 11 found.

If it helps the dev, this is the file namen/pattern that is skipped:


Hi Anphex,

One possibility here is that you have files with identical names and sizes; these are considered duplicates and therefore only one of these files will be extracted. Can you check if that is the case in your situation? If you do have such duplicates these would be reported during discovery.

If this is not a case, I will open a bug report and provide further instructions to you. For what it is worth, it is unlikely the filename pattern that is the issue. I apologize for the inconvenience.

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Before Extract'Em was available, I tried a number of attachment extraction addons. Most of them had serious limitations or did not work with recent versions of Thunderbird. Extract'Em allowed me to extract a large number of attachments from more than 30,000 mails. I encountered a problem with deleted attachments but this was fixed very quickly by the developer.
Many thanks for this particularly useful addon.

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I was able to backup about 170,000 attachments in over 55,000 emails thanks to Extract Em and clear out space on my email inbox. I had tried the extension called Attachment Saver and that only backs up 600-700 files in one zip so that didn't work for me. Other addons weren't supported by newer Thunderbird versions. So I'm glad this extension works as advertised even for large operations. The dev was fast to respond and to fix an issue with my use case so I'm thankful for that as well! Thanks for making this extension

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