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Only one problem. This pretty much blocks all controversial sites even those marked as safe by places like WOT. A proxy is supposed to protect a user not try decide where they can and can't go. For instance this blacklists MediaFire. MediaFire is a file storage site. The bad thing is with this proxy program every file of even yours that you try and download back to your own pc, you have to put that download number on their safe list. ALL DOWNLOADS. Thus you download 100 items you have to white list 100 times. Fix the issue and make it only block dangerous sites.

Diese Bewertung wurde für eine vorherige Version des Add-ons (0.2.1+.2009032706) abgegeben. 

AutoProxy is an add-on to help people use their proxy efficiently & automatically. It will never "block". You probably subscribed "gfwList" which is a list only for people in mainland China. Because MediaFire has been blocked there, people should use a proxy if they want to visit MediaFire. AutoProxy should contain lists for other countries, anybody who is willing to maintain a list for people in their country may be most appreciated.