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IMHO the idea of this extension is very good and should be part of standard TB features. Anyway, IMHO this extension has some faults which should be corrected. In fact I tried to install AddressBookTab (ABT) more than once using it with different versions of TB but the basic problems I found are always the same. In particular, in this moment I'm using version 1.5 of ABT with TB for Windows 24.1.0. FYI, I also installed other extensions, the more relevant from this point of view being "MoreFunctionsForAddressbook" and "ContactTabs". But even if I disable these extensions I still have the following problem. That is, if I click on the ABT icon nearby to the Lightning's ones, the AB which appears in the tab is always the first one of the list, ie the Personal Addressbook (PAB).
Beside, if I click again (after having activated the option to have more than one addressbook in tabs) it always open tabs with duplicates of the PAB. I need to change manually the tabs with other addressbooks. The worst thing however is that if I close TB, next time I open it, yes I have multple tabs but all of them are pointing to the PAB yet, ie ABT does not save my choices between TB session!
What I suggest is to have the icon of ABT with a dropdown menu reporting all the addressbooks (for example I have 6 of them besides the default ones - ie PAB & Collected addresses) with check marks, so one can choose that/those addressbook(s) (s)he wants to have in tabs. Besides, this choiche should be remembered between TB sessions.
Thanks for the attention.
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