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Works great on FF36! Only issue i have with it is that it's always visible on the context menu, wished it only showed up when right-clicking on highlighted editable text. Oh, and there also doesn't seem to be a way to apply other formats to previously formatted text (you have to CTRL+Z and try again). But that's just a tiny peeve, not worthy of even an half a star demotion.

Suggestion: wouldn't mind seeing some more options like the ones available on Unitools ( - but i'm probably being greedy here...

Imgur Uploader

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5 stars for functionality.
-1 for lacking customization of context menu entries (removing options you don't use, making it show up just when right-clicking images, having a one-click upload option without drop-down menu, etc)

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Custom Buttons²

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Just installed on FF10 with 50+ other addons.
The "custombutton://" protocol used in the forums isn't recognized and a horrible bug occurs where an empty panel occupies half the screen...
4 stars rating, because FF10 is very recent, my own FF config might be causing this conflict and i'm hoping you'll be able to fix it...

Tiny Menu

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Thank you Anthony for this precious addon. Sad to see you can no longer maintain it.
It's been on the top of my list of Firefox addons i can't live without.
It's simple and effective and works better than most Menu replacement tools around, like Compact Menu or Personal Menu.
Combined with Menu Editor, i've had my toolbars and menus completely uncluttered from unwanted useless entries.
If it becomes incompatible on a future FF update i'll have a tough time finding an adequate solution.

Extension Manager Extended

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Would love to see this extension ressurected.
I'm currently using Cleanest Addon Manager + Addons Manager Hilite + a Stylish userstyle i've customized to my needs,
and i STILL don't have the option i most need ► to sort addons by date!

IE View

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Context menu entries needs to be context sensitive, instead of always being visible. Apart from that great addon.

EDIT: most likely a problem with my own FF config. Updated rating. Plus a 6th star for an excelent costumer support.
I'm amazed to see such dedication to an addon which has been around since the beginning of Firefox!
Thank you Paul!

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Brilliant extension!
It's about time someone took action against those annoying sites that split articles into endless pages looking to score some more pageclicks.
The only suggestion i would make is to trim down the alert bar to something more discrete that doesn't obstruct your view of pages - something like a flashing button or a status bar pop-up would be less intrusive.

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