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I've been a SeaMonkey user since its early days as the Mozilla Suite. This is easily one of the best add-ons I've used. It's flexible enough to replace several other extensions, some of which are not compatible with the present versions of SeaMonkey. The "proxy serverlist" is an excellent "Switch Proxy" replacement for those who want a simple and quick proxy switcher with Socks compatibility. This could be improved even more if the user could add new proxies right from the list instead of having to navigate through the customize screen.

The check boxes for toggling flash, java, JS, images, and plugins are very useful for the security and privacy conscious user. Some of these can be "per tab", making the options even more flexible. The customizable user agent and the importable referrer spoof menulists are very convenient, as is the easy access to site permissions.

There's just too many features to comment on them all. No, it's not pretty. It's not eye candy. It's functional and works very well, which is what counts. The authors site has good,detailed instructions, and even more buttons and goodies that can be added. One I found very useful is "TXTURL" which converts and opens plain text links. The hardest part of using PrefBar is choosing which options you want easy access to. If only most problems were like that. I only wish I'd found this add-on sooner.

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