Kenneth Londoner

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Jméno Kenneth Londoner
Umístění Chicago
Zaměstnání Actor
Zaregistrován(a) od Bře. 17, 2016
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Kenneth Londoner is an American actor with an impressive portfolio. Born into an artistic family, even as a child he was influenced by art. As he grew older, his interest in art only got deeper, and after finishing high school he enrolled at one of the most prestigious universities, UCLA, where he studied English Literature.

Even though he was leading a fulfilled life, his passion for acting was so strong that he boldly decided to change career, and start doing what he was destined to do. At the beginning of his acting career, Kenneth Londoner worked very hard and invested all of his time and energy in developing his acting skills. He got his first audition after meeting a Hollywood casting agent at a bar. Determined not to let this chance slip away, the actor gave the performance of his life and won one of the supporting roles.

This experience allowed the actor to see firsthand what it’s like being on the set, filming with people who share that same passion and interest. His big-screen appearances got him more auditions, and it wasn’t long until he got the big break he was so eagerly waiting for. Kenneth Londoner scored the biggest triumph of his career with the lead role in James Dean, playing the character of this legendary actor.

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Don't like this theme that much as much as I love the TV series

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