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Autofile - fast e-mail to folder filing

Read an e-mail, hit the Autofile button and it is filed / moved to the right mail folder based on the sender's address. No drag/drop needed.

You may tell Autofile or let it discover folders to store each author mail. Will save you lots of time.

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Přidáno Led. 14, 2021

Attachment Image Viewer/Slideshow

Viewing images in attachments as full size or thumbnail.

* Show slideshow of attached images
* Zoom image
* Drag zoomed image to choose the displayed region
* Rotate image
* Flip image
* Download dialog: shows a thumbnail of the image

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Přidáno Led. 13, 2021

Toggle Summary

Adds a Toggle Summary button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Toggle Inline

Adds a Toggle Inline button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Toggle HTML

Adds a Toggle HTML button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Select Prev on Delete

Selection of the previous message (instead of next message - default behavior) when deleting (only for Thunderbird 78 or above).

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Přidáno Pro. 27, 2020


Adds a column to the Thunderbird message list to always display the true attachment count. An icon is shown for single attachments or all attachments deleted/detached. Tooltip preview of single attachment content and summary for multiple attachments.

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Přidáno Pro. 14, 2020


Fixes smileys that show in emails created by Outlook as J.

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Přidáno Lis. 26, 2020


Jednoduchý tmavý režim pro vaše zprávy Thunderbirdu.

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Přidáno Lis. 10, 2020


Seams provides some integration with Patchwork, the patch tracking system. It makes the patch state visible directly from Thunderbird. It also displays useful links to a Patchwork instance or to mail archives, and commands to apply the patch locally.

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Přidáno Lis. 7, 2020


Raise X11 urgent flag if new mail is received.

This addon listens for incoming mails and causes the Thunderbird window to draw attention.

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Přidáno Říj. 14, 2020


Addons to edit EML files and save your emails as EML file with their attachements.

Available on Github with MIT Licence :

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Přidáno Říj. 14, 2020

Web Translate

„Web Translate“ je snadno použitelný překladač pro váš webový prohlížeč / Thunderbird!

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Přidáno Říj. 11, 2020

Safelink removal

Replace URLs which have been rewritten by Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection with the original URL.

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Přidáno Říj. 6, 2020

Spam Scores

Displays spam scores according to mail headers. Supports spam/ham score headers of Rspamd and SpamAssassin. The add-on adds a column with the overall spam score to the mail list view and shows details of any matched spam/ham rule.

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Přidáno Zář. 29, 2020

Deselect on Delete TB78

Disables selection of the next message when deleting.

A quick port of squib's "Deselect on Delete" for thundebird 78.

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Přidáno Zář. 17, 2020

Transfer Immunity

Transfer Immunity is a fast and secure add-on and SaaS service for sharing and transferring files. This high-fidelity, SaaS-based platform allows users to send large files to different destinations as attachments with emails.

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Přidáno Zář. 16, 2020


Add notes to your e-mails. Drop-in replacement for XNote++ with more features.

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Přidáno Zář. 15, 2020


Skroluj stránku ťahaním tlačidla na myške. Podporuje rôzne nastavenia vrátane zotrvačnosti skrolovania!

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Přidáno Zář. 12, 2020

Quote Colors

Nakonfigurujte barvy textu a pozadí nabídek v e-mailech a zprávách.

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Přidáno Zář. 9, 2020