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ImportExportTools NG

Adds tools to import/export messages and folders (NextGen)

NEW 78/68 Compatible version !

See Changes below

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CardBook Doporučené

Nový adresář pro Thunderbird založený na standardech CardDAV a vCard.

Twitter: @CardBookAddon

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AutoarchiveReloaded Doporučené

Archiviert E-Mails automatisch (Verbesserte Version vom "Autoarchive" Add-on)

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This Addon is needed to sync your Android based smartphone with Thunderbird with the Software "MyPhoneExplorer"

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AttachmentExtractor Continued Vyžaduje restart

This add-on is a (work in progress) fixed version of the original Add-on "AttachmentExtractor" which is no longer supported and fixed by the original author.

It Extracts all attachments from selected messages and then can delete, detach...

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Export to ZIP

Export your mails and folders to a zip file!

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ThunderLink Vyžaduje restart

Clickable, durable links to specific messages inside Thunderbird.

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Opacus SugarCRM 6.2+ Thunderbird Integration Pro Vyžaduje restart

SugarCRM 6.2.0-8.x/SuiteCRM 7.x Integration for Thunderbird

Enables archiving of emails into SugarCRM and SuiteCRM from Thunderbird. Requires a purchased license key (you can request a trial from within the extension).

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SyncKolab Vyžaduje restart

SyncKolab can synchronize your calendar, address book and tasks against an IMAP server in Kolab formats version 1 (vCard/iCal) or version 2 (XML) or turn your Thunderbird/Lightning into a native Kolab Client (

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Thunderbook Vyžaduje restart

Export messages (including RSS items) as e-books.

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One-by-One Forward Vyžaduje restart

Highlight multiple emails, right-click, then select "One-by-One Forward". This extension will allow you to forward the selected emails, one-by-one, to the recipients you specify using your choice of attachment handling.

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Notepad (QuickFox) Vyžaduje restart

Everyday note-taking solution.

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KundenMeister CRM Mail Export

An mail export add-on from KundenMeister to export the mails from user to KundenMeister portal after authentication.

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Copy Patch

Copy email content to clipboard for application as patch. Applies some filters, e.g. Outlook Safe Link unmangling, to ensure patch cleanness.

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FindNow Vyžaduje restart

Ermöglicht das Exportieren von Nachrichten und Ordnern für FindNow

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This provider add-on adds Google synchronization capabilities to TbSync. Only contacts and contact groups are currently managed, using Google's People API.

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tb_email_grabber Vyžaduje restart

Very basic extension that exports all sender of mails in one folder into a CSV, which includes their fullname and email. The extension adds an option to the folder view context menu. Please select the folder to export before starting the export.

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Profile Buttons

A button to be able to open the profile folder, along with two buttons to create profiles, and also switch the current profile.

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Kmaleon Extension Vyžaduje restart

Con esta extensión podrás hacer una copia de tus emails en el programa kmaleon.

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backupMail_at_Receive Vyžaduje restart


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