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Text Insert/Text Blocks

Insert standard text blocks in an easy way in email composer. No mouse: done by keyboard.

Type br<ctrl-d>, it converts to best regards.

Make a list of shortcut-replacements in the addon settings (tools-> addons). Replacements may be multiline.

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Přidáno Úno. 26, 2021


Lightweight solution to simplify unsubscribing from newsletters

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Přidáno Úno. 23, 2021


Once you close Thunderbird you will no longer be able to see your new emails. This plugin keeps Thunderbird active in the background, meaning you can still receive your new emails after closing the app. Use this when the app is in the startup.

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Přidáno Úno. 22, 2021

Get All Mail Button for TB78++

Adds a toolbar button to get all new messages for all accounts in Thunderbird. When clicked, it does the same as the default button "Get Messages" dropdown menu entry "Get All New Messages".

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Přidáno Úno. 22, 2021

Archive old messages

A context menu item to archive all messages than older than a given duration.

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Přidáno Úno. 12, 2021

Markdown Here Revival

A revival of the popular Markdown-Here addon for Thunderbird 78 and beyond.

Markdown Here Revival is a Thunderbird extension that lets you write emails in Markdown and render them as HTML before sending.

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Přidáno Úno. 5, 2021

Safe Links Cleaner

Clean up the display of links rewritten by Microsoft ATP Safe Links when reading and composing mail, so the original links can easily be viewed and copied, while retaining the rewritten addresses as the actual target of all links.

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Přidáno Led. 25, 2021

Open in browser

A context menu item to open the links associated with news items in the default browser and then mark them as read.

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Přidáno Led. 24, 2021


Timetable is displayed in browserAction popup.

Display just previous schedule.
Update current time schedule.
Good to update future schedule too.

I thank God through Jesus Christ.

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Přidáno Led. 23, 2021

Dark Reader

Tmavý motiv pro každou stránku. Používejte Dark Reader pro celodenní prohlížení webu a šetřete tak své oči.

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Přidáno Led. 21, 2021

Autofile - fast e-mail to folder filing

Read an e-mail, hit Autofile button and it is filed / moved to the right mail folder based on the sender's address. No drag/drop needed.

Autofile can discover folders to store each author mail. Will save you lots of time like defunct filemail.

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Přidáno Led. 14, 2021

Attachment Image Viewer/Slideshow

Viewing images in attachments as full size or thumbnail.

* Show slideshow of attached images
* Zoom image
* Drag zoomed image to choose the displayed region
* Rotate image
* Flip image
* Download dialog: shows a thumbnail of the image

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Přidáno Led. 13, 2021


TaskviewLayout has two versions.
One is this TaskviewGridLayout and
another is the existing TaskviewFlexLayout.

TaksviewGridLayout works in Thunderbird version 78.6.0 ~ 88.0a1.

Praise Stephen Kim Sou-hwan.

January 12th 2021.

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Přidáno Led. 12, 2021

Hide Local Folders for TB78++

Removes the 'Local Folders' entry from the folder pane.
(The folder itself will stay existent.)
(Based on the original work of Alex Cabal.)

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Přidáno Led. 4, 2021

Telegram Web in Thunderbird

Once the add-on is installed, a new icon appears in Thunderbird Mail toolbar. Click on it to open the Telegram Web tab.

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Přidáno Led. 3, 2021

Toggle Summary

Adds a Toggle Summary button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Toggle Inline

Adds a Toggle Inline button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Toggle HTML

Adds a Toggle HTML button

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Přidáno Pro. 28, 2020

Select Prev on Delete

Selection of the previous message (instead of next message - default behavior) when deleting (only for Thunderbird 78 or above).

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Přidáno Pro. 27, 2020

Just Report It

Just Report It ( is an email plugin which tackles spam the right way. Report emails straight to SpamCop, the Registrar, a custom email address or any combination in between!

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Přidáno Pro. 17, 2020