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OppositeTodaySubpane Vyžaduje restart

Today subpane is a emblem of Thunderbird.
When today pane is hidden for a wide view,
someone feels sorry not to have this today subpane on screen.
It is to remain today subpane on folder and subscription pane.
send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

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Přidáno Srp. 17, 2019

Autocrypt Vyžaduje restart

E-Mail encryption that gets out of your way. Compatible with Autocrypt and OpenPGP.


Caution: This extension can not be used together with Enigmail. Please remove Enigmail before installing.

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Přidáno Srp. 13, 2019


Put task view up to read document of long sentences.
Put task view neutrally to read tree lists.
Put task view vertically to read document in which records are many.
praise Cardinal Soo-Hwan, Kim.

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Přidáno Srp. 9, 2019

Night and Day Dynamic

A theme that switches between sun and moon based on time of day.

This is the canonical example dynamic theme published by Mozilla:

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Přidáno Čec. 27, 2019

ImportExportTools NG Vyžaduje restart Doporučené

Adds tools to import/export messages and folders (NextGen)

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Přidáno Čec. 15, 2019

Phoenity Icons Vyžaduje restart

Phoenity icons for Thunderbird

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173 uživatelů
Přidáno Čec. 12, 2019

Disable DragAndDrop (Thunderbird) Vyžaduje restart

Disable drag and drop on the folder tree in order to prevent unintended folder movement.

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Přidáno Čec. 6, 2019

Enhanced Date Formatter Vyžaduje restart

Configure the 'Date' and 'Received' columns and displayed date in the message pane using custom formats. You can even use different date formats for emails with today's date, yesterday's date, dates in the last week, or dates older than a week.

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Přidáno Čer. 24, 2019

PasteMarkdownSyntax Vyžaduje restart

Paste Markdown syntax on event and task dialog descriptions.
Items are:
'**', '```', '###', '~~', '----', '|---', '|---|', '---|', '|:---|', '|:---:|', '|---:|', '![alt text]( )'
praise Cardinal Soo-Hwan, Kim.

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Přidáno Čer. 18, 2019

FrameWhite Vyžaduje restart

Add Switch white button on menu for switch between default and white themes.
Enjoy white without eye fatigue! Change it to default theme to have the other themes.
send a gift to a friend Eunjo.

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Přidáno Čer. 1, 2019

FileLink provider for WebDAV

Uploads your large attachments to your WebDAV account instead of sending them by email.

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Přidáno Kvě. 27, 2019

FileLink Provider for Box

Uploads your large attachments to your Box instead of sending them by email.

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Přidáno Kvě. 21, 2019

userChromeJS Vyžaduje restart

Load the contents of chrome/userChrome.js from the user's profile directory every time a window is opened.
This is an attempt to re-implement the old userChromeJS extension to make it compatible with Thunderbird 60+.

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Přidáno Dub. 1, 2019

AutoCopy_rebirth Vyžaduje restart

Lightweight add-on that automatically copies any highlighted text to clipboard.

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Přidáno Bře. 8, 2019

Use BCC Instead C Vyžaduje restart

This is a version of 'Use BCC Instead' updated for Thunderbird 64 and above.

It prevents you accidentally sending an email to a large number of recipients without hiding their addresses from each other by using BCC.

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Přidáno Úno. 19, 2019

PopMailListRecipients 2

Expands address book lists to recipients addresses in the compose window

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Přidáno Úno. 8, 2019

Colored Folders Vyžaduje restart

Add colors to your folders in Thunderbird!
Must-have for better organisation + intuitive and speedy workfow...

This is project "Color Folders" (originally by Fisheater), corrected, resurrected, restaurated, extended and republished

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9 641 uživatelů
Přidáno Led. 8, 2019

Show Outlook Appointments (vcal / ics) Vyžaduje restart

An extension to show embedded Outlook calendar (vcal / ics) parts.

Thunderbird doesn't show calendar parts from Outlook appointment emails. This addon adds a button to download the embedded appointment as ICS to import it into another calendar.

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2 209 uživatelů
Přidáno Led. 7, 2019

FileLink Provider for Dropbox

Uploads your large attachments to your Dropbox instead of sending them by email. This uses Thunderbird's FileLink feature.

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Přidáno Pro. 17, 2018

Open Google Calendar

Adds the Google Calendar web interface in a new Thunderbird tab. Creating and viewing events works like in a browser (Firefox, Chrome, ...)

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18 214 uživatelů
Přidáno Lis. 23, 2018