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Verze 1.1.0 83.4 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 78.0 a novější

Verze 1.0.0 68.9 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 78.0 a novější

Verze 0.9.4 130.0 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 68.0 - 73.0

# Bugfixes

- mails marked with a tag are shown in the corresponding tag color
- calculation of due dates/times is now independent from the language/locale settings of Thunderbird
- under some circumstances a mail wasn't moved pr copied to the correct destination folder or wasn't moved/copied at all
- display of due time is now correctly refreshed when postponing a follow up for 24hrs
- typos

# Features

- set a follow-up on send: if there's a reply until the due date, the follow-up is deleted automatically
- set a follow-up via keyboard shortcut (Windows: [alt][ctrl][1], macOS: [option][1], Linux: [ctrl][1])
- when setting a follow-up the last used action is set by default
- follow-up-list is redesigned
- follow-ups can now be set from the context menu
- list of follow-ups got a context menu to easily edit, postpone a follow-up, or open/select the attached message

Verze 0.9.1 119.6 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 58.0 - 60.*

- reminders can be set in the standalone message window
- reminders now can have notes
- edit/postpone/remove reminders on a selected mail

- stars/flags are set correctly on due date
- calculation for textual representation of timepsans ("tomorrow", "today", etc)

Verze 121.5 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 20.0 - 49.*

Fixes compatibility problems with the latest Thunderbird versions

Verze 119.5 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 20.0 - 42.*

New features and fixes coming with this version:
FIX: delete/edit for reminders not fully functional
FIX: ongoing reminders until Thunderbird restart
NEW: add notes to messages
MOD: the list of pending reminders is back to the bottom of the folder pane

Verze 115.1 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 20.0 - 40.*

mailmindr now works with Thunderbird 38.
Fixed in this version:
- first day of week will now be displayed correctly in the "set follow-up" dialog
- list of pending reminders moved from folders pane (where it causes some trouble with other AddOns) to a new position below the mail list
- less CPU consumption
- list of pending reminders is now sortable

Verze 0.7.9 110.2 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 20.0 - 31.*

New features in mailmindr 0.7.9
  • Hotkeys for setting a remindr
  • Inbox zero: mailmindr moves messages out of your inbox and moves them back in at a given time. Stay organized!
  • FIX: works with folder pane switcher
  • FIX: folder list is not corrupted anymore when width is too small

Verze 0.7.7 93.7 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 20.0 - 28.*

Verze 0.7.4 91.0 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 7.0 - 24.*

Verze 0.7.3 88.1 KiB Podporuje Thunderbird 7.0 - 19.*