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The button seems to be missing from the new email window nowadays, any way to get it back? It's there if you click on the colour selector, but it used to be in the toolbar

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You can continue to use the addon in TB60.5.
2.Look for "extensions.strictCompatibility" and set it to FALSE.

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I am using version 53 of Thunderbird and this extension works as advertised. It is a big timesaver for me and works similar to an old extension that became incompatible with thunderbird over the years. It is great to have this feature back. Thank you

Wow - thanks for the nice review! I wrote it to do something that I wanted. That's the great thing about Thunderbird, is if it doesn't do what you want, you can either find an addon or write an addon to do it! God bless you.

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Keyboard Shortcut doesn't work on Mac Mavericks.
I only need this for the Keyboard Shortcut.
Would be great if we can set the shortcut in the Preferences.

Thanks for giving me a review. I'll look into it when I have time to update the addon. I'm not an avid developer, and never coded anything to work for Macs, but I'll add this to my list.

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Thanks for this! The way Thunderbird handles color has always been a pet peeve of mine and this app, as advertised, makes it easier!

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The program works great in Seamonkey 2.13.2 email and saves time when highlighting text a different color. Thanks for your effort.