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Element Inspector

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Can you please add support for Browser-Toolbox? e.g. if the Browser-Toolbox is opened, navigate it to the selected element? We can inspect the browser's Chrome with Browser-Toolbox but the layout is horrible compared to DOM Inspector, so much so that I need Element Inspector to find stuff. A WebExtension version would also be nice.

Ignore Aero

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Well, I promised the author I'd rate this theme and today is the day. This is the best theme currently for TB for those who want TB to look like it used to look (I tested TB45 yesterday and it reverted to the default theme - oh my, how ugly can this get?! Is is SOOO ugly!). I personally prefer the TB2 icons to the TB3 icons, but there are bugs with the Classic TB2 theme and the author has gone silent on me quite a while ago. So I have been using Ignore Aero (along with Rise of the Tools of course) for a very long time now and it is really great. 5 Stars! PS: This is not working with TB45 as of yet.

No Resource URI Leak

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Works perfectly - i.e. Does exactly what it says it does. Some addOns break but there is a "debug" mode where you can see in the browser console which resources are blocked and you can whitelist them afterwards to fix the problem (have a look on NotABug for examples). Excellent developer response. I recommend saavy users add this to their growing list of privacy addOns.


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Can't get TagZilla fixed, so I looked for a replacement and found this - Works just fine! I put my signature in the "Prefix" and add a "Fortune" file and voila. The IMAGES in the XPI are corrupted in v1.6.1 so users cannot see the yellow question mark in the UI. I will open a bug on Git.