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Duplicate This Tab

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This is a nice addon except that it overrides the use of ctrl+shift+T with out an option to put it back. I use that combination to restore a closed tab all the time, not it just duplicates the one I'm looking at.

People have complained for a year with apparently no response based on the comments. That makes this an unresponsive developer as well.

I guess I'll turn it off.

Clip to OneNote

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Went back to the old version. First, a plugin update shouldn't require so much work to get it to work. People just update, often times thinking it should take a couple of minutes at worst. Since this is for onenote, there is a good bet that people are at work. So again, nothing drastic should happen.

Work places have rules, lock ports, etc. There was evidently a move to java for apparently no reason. This involves doing things that one's workplace may not allow. Also, while I love Java, I don't let anything run java, or flash, or silverlight, without knowing specifically why (thank you noscript for making this easier).

Security isn't so much about the tools but knowing what you are doing.

The move to java makes me suspicious to say the least. I don't see how it improves on the advertised reason for this addon so it must be something behind the scenes going on.

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Nice extension. Use it all the time. Never understood why this funtionality wasn't in thunderbird to begin with, seems obvious.

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So far I think this is great. I did have to mess around for about an hour to get it all working on mobileme correctly. I had to turn off the firefox script stalled notifications because syncing can take a minute or so and the pop-up was interfering. After that it worked fine.

I'm especially pleased I can use my own web location and not have to use some third party web server.

The web site has a fair amount of info, there are tabbed sections on quick start up, use, options, and the faq.

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