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Loren Dias

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Име Loren Dias
Потребител от Ян. 16, 2015
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MinimizeToTray revived

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Works on Gnome 3.16 + Arch Linux + Thunderbird 38 Beta.

Doesn't have the fancy Mailbox icon that FireTray has, however it seems to be simple and effective, and unlike FireTray it's set to "double-click" to restore - which is more consistent with other Tray icons.

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Unfortunately I get the double window bug often on Arch Linux on both Thunderbird 31 and 38 Beta. Often times the App Locks Up and I have to manually kill the process. It also seems to me that it would nice to have a "single click / double click" option as single click to maximize from tray seems weird in Gnome 3.16

Nice Work, so far the best Thunderbird Tray for Linux.

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According to other users Adwaita Thunderbird works on 36.x however you'll need to compile the XPI here