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Julian Knight

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Име Julian Knight
Потребител от Ноев. 24, 2008
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Clip to OneNote

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Sorry but this is absolute rubbish!!
For users with OneNote client installed, we just need something to pass the web page to the client directly. For the use of onenote.com, there is a direct API that can be used.


Immediately deleted.

I understand from the developers comments that there is a "Legacy" version - to me this implies a version that is no longer under active development or use & therefore is not something that I'd want to commit to.

UPDATE: Thanks to the dev for replying to me. However, the constant recommendation to use a "legacy" addon is not comforting I'm afraid which is what I said above. The solution IS rubbish sadly since there is no need for another piece of software to be running on my PC with all the possible stability and security issues it could bring.

Instead, I've added the "Clip to OneNote" bookmarklet from Microsoft. Although not perfect, it works without additional software installation.


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Works fine on all newer versions of FF at least up to 26 (current at time of writing this). Used it constantly for some years now and would probably switch browsers if something like this wasn't available.

You don't need the Compatibility Reporter but you do need to install from the plugins web site as it won't be found from the Add-ons Manager.

Потребителят има предишен отзив към добавката.


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A really useful addon!
It works, no complexity to try and remember, it just gets on with the job. Nice indeed.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката ( 

Remember Mismatched Domains

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An absolutely essencial add-on for anyone with their own certs and shared hosting services. I've used this with Thunderbird 1 & 2 and Firefox 1 & 2 (no longer needed for FF3) on both Windows and Linux.