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PasteHyperlink Изисква рестартиране

Paste the clipboard contents into the selected text as a hyperlink.

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди (7)
31 потребители

LastColour Изисква рестартиране

Colour your text to the "last-picked" colour you chose in the colour-picker. Now you don't have to use the colour picker every time.

Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди (6)
20 потребители

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Classic TB2

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

This theme is so nice and clean and trim! CuteButtons goes perfectly with it, too. I have 4 dozen addons installed and I can't find that this theme has any conflicts. Wonderful!

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (1.4.3). 


Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди

A long time ago I used to use an addon called qfb-pivot, which would pivot the quickfilter on the context of the selected message. QuickFilterPlus is the closest I've ever found, but it makes the quickfilter bar very useful. I use it in conjunction with Quick Filter Toolbar and move all the controls onto a regular toolbar. Works wonderfully. I would give it five stars, but there are a few quirks that keep it from being absolutely perfect.


Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

I love this addon! I use it every day for every message! This addon is well thought out and versatile.

I wrote a tutorial on Stack Overflow about how to embed images in email - and you can use this method easily with QuickText: http://stackoverflow.com/a/18008898/1038866

Also, change the encoding of your QuickText quicktext\templates.xml file in your profil folder will fix the problem with the configuration not showing in Thunderbird 38.01. There are directions in one of the reviews previous to mine.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката ( 

Send Filter

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

This works just fine! Does just what you want! I like to have my sent messages kept in the same place as my outgoing messages, and this addon allows the filters to work as you would expect. Now I can keep everything filtered properly. Thank you!

Color Text Compose Buttons

Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди

Whoa! I've been dreaming to have the time to make this myself! I don't know why Thunderbird didn't do this in the first place. Thanks for doing this! If you provided a way to allow users to customize the colours and customize which buttons they wanted, I'd give you all 5 stars.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (1.0). 


Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

I use this addon when I reply to folks and need to point out to them something important, either in my own message, or in a message quotation. This is fast and effective. Thank you!

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (0.6.5). 

Mark All Read Button

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

It does exactly what is promised! I use it every day.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (0.5). 

Address Close Button

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

This functionality should be built into Thunderbird without requiring an addon. Thank you very much 46emak for supplying it for us! You have done us a real service!

EditEmailSubject (Edit email Subject)

Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

This is stupendous! I always wanted this! This is for version 2.02. Just FYI for y'all - this only changes the subject of the message in the main message pane. If you look at the subject in the header bar of the message, it is unchanged - which is good, because it reflects to you what the sender named it. However, there should be an option to perform this step as well. Also, in an english-reading browser, the "about addon" link in the addons window links to the french not the english - this should be fixed.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (2.0.2). 


Оценена с 5 от 5 звезди

This addon has improved my workflow dramatically. There are three things I do the most on a web-page that I visit: 1) Open links in a new tab; 2) Search for terms I have found in the text, and 3) Download Images.

With Quickdrag, I can do all three things just by dragging ANY link or text I find. I don't even have to drag it very far - just a bump is all that is needed.

Another way QuickDrag has helped me is this: I have always found it difficult to use the mouse wheel as a middle-click button (it makes the mouse move whilst I do it, and I don't like that). Now I don't need the middle-mouse click. Just a bump-drag, and its done.

Honestly, I have become so accustomed to using QuickDrag (over the last year) that when I switch browsers (gasp!) or use another person's computer, I find myself working the QuickDrag action over and over to no avail! So what do I do? I install it wherever I can.

Just so you know, for the sake of my review, I have no relation to the authour at all. I am a user like everyone else, but I'll say that I AM one of those folks who soup up their Firefox until it is a monster that will do nearly anything. QuickDrag will always be part of my arsenal.

Thank you, Stevie Smith!

Edit As New

Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди

Hello! On its own, this is a good idea, but you can already get an "Edit as new" button if you use the ToolbarButtons extension which has all kinds of useful buttons in it. As far as I can tell the authour keeps up on his versioning too. I give a four star here because the idea is very good, but I have not tried it myself on account that I use the other addon instead.


Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди

This is a great idea. I won't like tabs in my TB until I can use a tab to *write* new messages. But I have always wanted a button for the calendar. Thank you.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката ( 


Оценена с 4 от 5 звезди

Notary is an awesome tool! But it has the horrible problem in Thunderbird 2 that it crashes the header pane. I used Mr. Tech's Tookit to force it to be compatible, and that always works for awhile, but then it reverts to its header-pane destroying again.
Please make an updated version! Please!

External Application Buttons

Оценена с 1 от 5 звезди

There doesn't seem to be any target to the link! Please help!