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Expression Search - NG

Expression Search - NG is an extension to Thunderbird which adds powerful message searching features.
Type "f:fred t:tom a:yes" to see messages from Fred to Tom that have an attachment.
Type "f:(oo -pp)" for messages by oo, but not pp.

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Добавена на Април 12, 2021

Open Image In New Tab

Adds a context menu item to open images in a new tab

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Добавена на Март 22, 2021


This add-on makes it easy to open folders on a file server.

In order to use the add-on, you need to install two things: the add-on and the linked app.
You can download the linked app from the following website.


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Добавена на Март 7, 2021

Read Aloud: A Text to Speech Voice Reader

Read aloud the selected email messages using text to speech (TTS). Read Aloud is intended for users who prefer to listen to content instead of reading, and those with dyslexia or other learning disabilities.

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Добавена на Март 7, 2021

Signature sync for Gmail

This extension allows you to automatically use your signature from Gmail accounts in Thunderbird. No longer need to maintain two separated signatures!

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Добавена на Март 6, 2021


DO NOT install, this is for testing the update mechanism.

If you are interested in the functionality, use quicker quicksearch instead

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Добавена на Март 2, 2021

Safe Links Cleaner

Clean up the display of links rewritten by Microsoft ATP Safe Links when reading and composing mail, so the original links can easily be viewed and copied, while retaining the rewritten addresses as the actual target of all links.

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Добавена на Ян. 25, 2021

Autofile - fast e-mail to folder filing

Read an e-mail, hit Autofile button and it is filed / moved to the right mail folder based on the sender's address. No drag/drop needed.

Autofile can discover folders to store each author mail. Will save you lots of time like defunct filemail.

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Добавена на Ян. 14, 2021

Attachment Image Viewer/Slideshow

Viewing images in attachments as full size or thumbnail.

* Show slideshow of attached images
* Zoom image
* Drag zoomed image to choose the displayed region
* Rotate image
* Flip image
* Download dialog: shows a thumbnail of the image

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Добавена на Ян. 13, 2021

Toggle Summary

Adds a Toggle Summary button

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Добавена на Дек. 28, 2020

Toggle Inline

Adds a Toggle Inline button

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Добавена на Дек. 28, 2020

Toggle HTML

Adds a Toggle HTML button

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Добавена на Дек. 28, 2020

Select Prev on Delete

Selection of the previous message (instead of next message - default behavior) when deleting (only for Thunderbird 78 or above).

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Добавена на Дек. 27, 2020


Adds a column to the Thunderbird message list to always display the true attachment count. An icon is shown for single attachments or all attachments deleted/detached. Tooltip preview of single attachment content and summary for multiple attachments.

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Добавена на Дек. 14, 2020


Fixes smileys that show in emails created by Outlook as J.

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Добавена на Ноев. 26, 2020


Simple dark mode (theme) for your Thunderbird messages.


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Добавена на Ноев. 10, 2020


Seams provides some integration with Patchwork, the patch tracking system. It makes the patch state visible directly from Thunderbird. It also displays useful links to a Patchwork instance or to mail archives, and commands to apply the patch locally.

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Добавена на Ноев. 7, 2020


Raise X11 urgent flag if new mail is received.

This addon listens for incoming mails and causes the Thunderbird window to draw attention.

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Добавена на Окт. 14, 2020


Addons to edit EML files and save your emails as EML file with their attachements.

Available on Github with MIT Licence :

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Добавена на Окт. 14, 2020

Web Translate

The best Translator for Thunderbird 78!
Available also for Firefox!

Supported translators:
Google Translate
Microsoft Translator
Яндекс Переводчик
Google 翻译

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Добавена на Окт. 11, 2020