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I, too, uninstalled Java due to security considerations and now to use this extension am back to Java. In addition, another program (Listener) needs to run. What was wrong with the previous version that all this other stuff is now required? I do research for someone and found using Evernote Clearly was a clean way to scrape articles without all the extra stuff found on page. In combination with Clip to OneNote the transferred text was clean and nicely formatted. Using Cleary now with Clip, Clip brings in a mess of hidden Evernote instructions that are not a part of the article. More cleanup. When did this get update? How can I go back to version 3.3.2? Would a system restore bring me back to that version? I am very disappointed in this update. Addition to original post: Thanks to those who reviewed previously, I was able to find version 3.3.2. Java is now uninstalled, the Listener is gone, Clearly works as before and have since unchecked automatic updates. As a software developer myself (25 years), one of the goals in upgrades should be to streamline and make changes that are less cumbersome to use. This latest revision should be reconsider.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (4.3.1-signed.1-signed). 


I am in the process of converting Java listener to c++.

In the mean time, If you want to stay with the older version you can always use legacy edition (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/clip-to-onenote-legacy-edition/). Link is also available in the description.


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This is a handy tool especially when doing research for a project. Being a software developer myself there is no end to the enhancements. One that would be handy, at least for me, would be to have the option of choosing where the Clipped on/URL would go. Currently, it is at the bottom of the article, but allowing it be place at the top would be nice. Also, paragraph loose their spacing. To retain the space would provide more readability. I hope the developer continues.

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (