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Spoke too soon - I can't see any Reply/Reply All buttons?? The window minimise/restore/close buttons are in very low contrast, but the absence of reply/forward/delete/etc means I have to switch back to something else :-(

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (1.6.4). 

Like the original TB2, this extension removes the buttons from the message pane. The mail toolbar can be customized (View -> Toolbars -> Customize) to include the buttons you prefer.
If you want, please send more information (Thunderbird version, OS, etc) to the support address regarding the low contrast buttons, and I'll see if a fix can be found.

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Sanity restored! Silvermel was the best ever, but this is great: minimal wasted whitespace, all is very clear and readable... Wonderful!

Това е отзив за предно издание на добавката (1.6.4).