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Thank you for this great add-on. I am confused with the most recent message about activesync. I understand and agree with the movement to make sync modules. If I'm only using the CalDAV/CardDAV functions, do I need to add the ActiveSync module? If one is syncing to calendar only - does that use the CalDAV/CardDAV or the ActiveSync?

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Master Password+

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I've tried a bunch of these and keep wishing FF would make much of this native. This version seems to be working as expected. Thanks!

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I still get two prompts. I tried "delay password prompt" and having it off. No difference

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Eric, Thanks for keeping this updated.

JWW - I too am very sad the project is no longer being maintained. One of the smartest and most elegant password tools, where nothing is stored. And there is a version for almost every platform. I wish somehow we could spark an opensource group to continue to maintain this excellent program (especially for the mobile platform, where it is becoming very problematic).

Mozilla - if you are out there, would make a great embedded function in Firefox and a great opensource project across all other platforms to garner some positive PR :)

Again Eric, thank you for continuing to keep this working in Firefox!!!