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Weergawe 1.1 177.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.1 - 2.1a1pre

* Add the search toolbar back to the bookmarks manager for SeaMonkey 2.0.
* Reimplement remove DTD entity for the bookmarks search bar in SeaMonkey 2.0a2.
* Add chrome manifest for SeaMonkey 2.0.
* Sync addons sidebar styles with xSidebarTB.
* Remove support for the Related sidebar which was removed in 2.0 trunk.
* [fix] Nesting error causes the sidebar to be loaded on startup even if hidden.
* Add rich tooltips for the places history sidebar.
* Hide the clear search button in the bookmarks sidebar if the search box is type=search since this widget has its own clear button.
* Hide thumbnails when the addons manager is in the sidebar.
* Hide the history preferences on SeaMonkey 2.0a3 since these have no effect on the places history manager.

Weergawe 1.0.5 178.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.0a2

* [enh] [web-panel/ssr] Update small screen rendering CSS from SSR v1.12.
* [fix] [web-panel/ssr] In Gecko 1.9 content cannot reference stylesheets in chrome. Convert to use resource:// urls instead.
* [new] Use a for the xSidebar preferences in the SeaMonkey 2.0a Preferences prefwindow.
* [fix] SeaMonkey 2.0a1: open the xSidebar prefpane in the new prefwindow.
* [fix] Allow "Add page to sidebar" to add chrome: and resource: urls as well.
* [fix] Use event.stopPropagation() to prevent the bookmarks code trying to open a url with the ID of our menuitem.
* [fix] Fix calls to goPreferences for branch and trunk.
* [fix] On 2.0a move the bookmarks searchbox back to a separate toolbar.

Weergawe 1.0.4 176.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.0a1

* [fix]sidebar selector popup menus and xSidebar configuration popup menus not working on trunk.
* [fix] Web-panels sidebar: Use fullZoom on trunk.
* [fix] Web-panels sidebar: Update toolbar-button styles for trunk.
* [fix] Addons sidebar: Adjust orientation of the theme splitter.
* [fix] Addons sidebar: Update compact styles for trunk.
* [fix] Bug 412171 In , "Error: this.docShell is null" when the sidebar opens
* [new] Added spinbuttons to the Firefox widget set support.
* [new] Added notificationboxes to the Firefox widget set support.
* [new] Put the new trunk PageInfo window in the sidebar.
* [new] Added Chatzilla sidebar.
* [new] ca-AD locale.
* [new] pt-BR locale.

Weergawe 1.0.3 159.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 2.0a1

* Workaround for SuiteRunner bug: Drag'n'Drop not working on the main window.
* [new] web-panel: Add stop button.
* [fix] Allow Multizilla to open its webfeeds sidebar.
* [fix] web-panel context menu items "Select All" and "Copy" do not work. Toolbar buttons and menu items now respect the enabled/disabled states.
* [new] Additional slim styles for the addon manager sidebar.
* [fix] Slow bookmark manager startup.
* [fix] Check for missing default preferences and create them if necessary.

Weergawe 1.0.2 142.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.5a

* [fix] breakage on recent SeaMonkey trunk builds (20061111) caused by Bug 319654.
* [new] Added option to put the navigator sidebar on the right.
* [new][SuiteRunner] Addon Manager sidebar with slim styles from http://userstyles.org/.
* [new] In MailNews remap the toggle folderpane key (F9) to SHIFT-F9 and use F9 to toggle open/close the Mnenhy sidebar.
* [new] Alt-PGUP/Alt-PGDN cycles through the sidebar panels.
* [new] Support for the toolkit widget.
* [updated] Firefox widget (xbl bindings) support.
* [fix] xSidebar causes trunk builds to crash in MailNews.
* [fix] Minor js errors and regressions.

Weergawe 1.0.1 120.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.5a

* [new] Use the EM datasource in SuiteRunner for the extension options menu.
* [new] ru-RU locale.
* [new] Rich tooltips in the History Sidebar.
* [enhanced] Web Panel: make more context menu items work.
* [updated] Firefox widget (xbl bindings) support.
* [fix] Sidebar menu bug where only the WebPanel menu item was checked if an RDF panel menu item was selected.
* [fix] Bug 15388: Links in web sidebars with target _content or _main should open in the main browser window and not in the sidebar.
* [fix] Bug 15347: In SM 1.1a and 1.0 Trunk autocomplete widget prevents the messagecompose window from advancing to the next header using the ENTER key.
* [fix] Typo that prevented menu items from sorting properly.

Weergawe 1.0 115.0 KiB Werk met SeaMonkey 1.0 - 1.5a

1.0 Release. A detailed changelog can be found here: