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Edit Email Subject


I am super happy to have this extension back again. Thanks to the new developer Dillinger!

Users report the ability to specify "local" or "server" changes. I would definitely opt for "server" but I cannot find such a preference (MacOS el capitan).

It would be great if someone could post the location of the switch.

I would make a contribution if a method were clear!




EditEmailSubject is simple and perfect. Or at least it was, before being disabled in TB68.

Like many other folks, I ask you to update this extension for TB68. The ability to modify Subjects seems so ordinary and necessary, that I'm insanely frustrated now that it's gone.

I'll also take this opportunity to apologize to the developer for not sending a contribution for your creation. I look forward to rectifying that situation as soon as it returns.

If I had known I was going to lose EES, I would have stayed in TB60.


Dropbox for Filelink (Broken)


Took 5 tries, including removing and reactivating it, then establishing it within TB as a Filelink drive. (Many tries.)
So, thanks!