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名称 Fabien Arcellier
注册时间 May 3, 2009
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Search for Sender 需要重开

Adds two items to the threadpane context menu, 'Search for this sender' and 'Search for this subject'. This basically takes the sender or subject of the selected message, copies it to the QuickSearch window and starts the search.

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Gather the senders ! 需要重开

Select all the mails in a directory sent by the selected authors.

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EMail Address Crawler


Wonderful extension to build a user list to create mail list.
I don't find anything like this extension and it saves me lot of time and offers new opportunities.


Copy Attachment To Clipboard


I am earning lot of times every days thanks to this module.
I am working in the customer support domain and I receive 8 or 10 files by mails.

Copy & paste is quicker than the thunderbird default system to put the files in archive directories.

Only one limitation, the system need to download file when you copy them and sometimes, you paste the file before they have been copyied. You just need to repast.

Great module !

Remove Duplicate Messages


Very powerful add-on when you need to clean up a mail box.
All is configurable, the using is very easy.