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Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)


(Installed on Thunderbird 68.5.0) (For anyone having trouble finding this add-on's USER INTERFACE: Open Thunderbird, choose "Tools" from the toolbar at the top, scroll down and hover over "Add-On Options", that will open a slide-out menu/list. From that menu/list, chick on "Remove Duplicate Messages (Alternate)", the user interface should open.)

UPDATED REVIEW: After reading ALL the reviews for recent versions of Thunderbird, stating that the add-on worked for them after unchecking "Size" in the Comparison Criteria (on the User Interface), I did the same, and it worked! After making that change, the program found over 200 duplicated email "sets", each email in a set showing the same To/From, identical Subject and Time Received (to the second), but the email sizes were different, some size differences being greater than others. Feeling a bit unsure, I double-checked the selections by going through several duplicated pairs, opening and reading them to be sure they were actually identical copies. Since 200+ duplicated sets (over 400 individual emails) were found, I certainly didn't go through all of them, but enough to feel comfortable deleting all but one copy from each duplicated set. As another precaution, I also changed the Default Action from "Delete Permanently" to "Move to Trash", just until I go from "feeling comfortable" to "feeling secure" that this dandy little add-on is choosing correctly. I've updated my original 1 star rating to 4 stars. I may come back later and up it again, to 5 stars, after I;ve used it awhile longer and feel sure that it is, indeed, performing reliably and accurately. In the meantime, I'm happy that it appears to be working as it the time of this update, anyway, *fingers crossed*.

ORIGINAL REVIEW: Worked for less than a week, then quit working, the pop up saying there were no duplicates even though I was looking right at them. I really liked it for the few days it worked, got rid of alot of duplicates and freed up space on my computer. I'm hoping the bugs and problems get sorted out to make it a credible add-on for all versions of TB. For now, though, I'm giving a low rating due to unreliable performance.