Get An Account 1.0.4


The Thunderbird Account provisioner service is provided in part by
third-party-service providers (listed at the bottom of this document). This
document describes what user data goes to Mozilla and the third party, and
Mozilla's commitments regarding that data.

This feature remains inoperative until a user chooses to configure a new
email account, and then opts in to checking for potential partner accounts
by clicking the search button on the "New Mail Account" dialog. That
dialog asks for the user's full name, in order to find an available email

The user's name is then sent over secure channels to a Mozilla server, and
from there to the third-party email service providers indicated by the
user. These third-party service providers return one or more email
addresses, and Thunderbird offers to set up one of these accounts on behalf
of the user. The email addresses will be retained by Mozilla for 10 days
for debugging purposes only.

If the user chooses to create this account, Thunderbird will request
various pieces of information specified by the account provider, possibly
including, but not limited to, full name, proposed password, credit card
type and number, and address. Terms of Service text, supplied by the
provider, will be displayed as part of this form, as well as text that
currently reads:

By clicking on 'I accept' below you are agreeing to the Terms of Service
above and the Privacy Policy.'

If the user clicks "I accept", the account credentials are transmitted
through a secure connection directly to the user-selected partner. The
credit card information, password and security question and answer are not
transmitted to the Mozilla server.

If the account can be provisioned, the service provider then returns
configuration data which the Account Provisioner uses to configure
Thunderbird to be able to login to the server. This data includes (but is
not limited to) server name, port number, and socket type for both the
incoming and outgoing mail servers. This data, along with data on which
actions were taken, is retained by Mozilla in its original form for 10 days
for debugging purposes only. After that, it is retained in aggregate form
only. We may release reports containing aggregated, anonymized summaries
of the data to the community to aid in product & design decisions.

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