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Manually sort folders

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Working fine with Thunderbird 60.8.0
Thanks a lot!

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I hope, the author is alive and he will update this really valuable add-on.

Glad to hear this, Josh! It seems to be working fine now! Thanks a lot!

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Mail Merge

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Please, add to the description. When using on Windows with .CSV, then, after saving the .CSV, it's better to reopen it in a text editor and save it in UTF-8, and after that choose UTF-8 in the add-on's dialog window. Otherwise there may be some charset problems or even errors in sending emails.

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Manually sort folders

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No accounts in the list, 'close' button does not work.

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Set Default Columns

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Unfortunately I was not able to get it working properly in TB 60 beta 7 (I installed this add-on for the first time). It was not so easy to sort out how to use it, the below comments helped a lot. My settings in about:config are:

[email protected]

[email protected]

But new folders don't have the specified columns in their default view.

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Mail Redirect

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Previous version worked fine, this one makes the Redirect button in the Mail Redirect window greyed out and unavailable when I begin to type whatever in the Resend-To field.

New version 0.9.6a1 is working now as fine as previously! Thanks a lot Onno!

BTW, is it possible to fill Resend-From field with the message's Delivered-To account by default, not the first account from Thunderbird's list?

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Display Quota

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I have two-level quotas on my server: user quota and domain quota. The add-on shows my domain quota by default and it does not allow to change quota root. How can I change the quota root to user instead of domain?

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