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Quick Folder Move

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Works as advertised, the interface and functionality looks perfect for me, to replace the “Quick Folder Key Navigation” addon. Thanks to it, I can already get rid of clumsy mouse movements, particularly the laggy drag-n-dropping of messages. However, there are two or three things that needs to be improved so that it really enables *quick* folder switching.

1. Currently, you cannot quickly type Shift+g, then a few letters from your target folder, then press Enter. This will do nothing, because you have to wait for the list of matching folders to be displayed, and for some reason this is slow. So you have to wait for a few seconds before pressing Enter… If listing results cannot be made faster, at least allow to type Enter ahead of time, so as to switch to the first result as soon as it is known.

2. I need the ability to blacklist folders (recursively). This is because I have archives, ie for most of my folders there is another of the same name in my Local Folders. These homonyms constantly get in the way of switching folders, as I essentially never want to jump in them.

3. Less vital improvement, but easier to implement: the search is already case-insensitive, it would be great to make it ignore diacritics as well.

With these improvements, the addon would be perfect for me.


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Monday, Feb 3, 2020 (or should I say “Monday 3 févr. 2020”): the language still breaks each time Thunderbird is updated. Deeply irritating.

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Stop Ignoring Reply:To

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Please update this add-on for later versions of Thunderbird!

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Does the job, I guess. I’m not using too much.

It is a shame that synchronizing with a distant calendar goes through the ICAL format, which means *re-downloading all events since the beginning of time*, every minute or so. But this choice is probably imposed by available technology.

However, what is more annoying is its insistence on not using the user’s language. After each update, it falls back to English (or worse, a mixture of English and the user’s language, as in “Sunday 4th août”). After each update, to recover my own language, I have to overwrite the automatically updated add-on with the XPI downloaded using Firefox. And re-tell it that no, weeks definitely don’t start on Sundays.

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