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加入日期 April 9, 2015
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DeepL Selected Text

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Exactly what I was looking for: simple, efficient, no frills. DeepL is a very good translation site. Thank you very much.
As improvements, I would see the opening of the translation in a pop-up window instead of a new tab, the reverse translation, the ability to copy the translated text and a keyboard shortcut.

此意見為舊版本 (1.0.0) 的附加元件。 


評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Thank you for introducing this useful feature. Some suggestions for improvement :
- several highlighting colors (as said before)
- removal of highlighting
- contextual menu entries (if possible!)
- keyboard shortcuts

此意見為舊版本 (1.0) 的附加元件。 


評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Thank you very much for your effort to make this wonderful add-on usable under tb 78.
Main features are fully functional. However, I notice that, since the last version (replace moment with sugar), some dates (for example in the "send at" field) are not localized. That's why a star is missing.

此意見為舊版本 (8.2.1) 的附加元件。 


評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Thank you very much for your efforts. I'll send you my French translation soon.
Only one negative note: QNote is in conflict with the extension QuickText ( that I'm using too. I need to disable QNote if I want QuickText to be enabled when TB starts. But I don't know which extension is responsible...

此意見為舊版本 (0.6.1) 的附加元件。 


評分: 4 / 5 顆星

I agree with Sergio3N. (Win7, TB 78.3.2, 64-bit)
As a matter of fact, the extension seems really to be deactivated: the options page in the Tools menu is inaccessible too.

I know what's the problem: QuickText is in conflict with QNote ( that Sergio3N is using too but I don't know which is responsible!

此意見為舊版本 (3.2) 的附加元件。 

Send Later Button

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

Thank you for this useful add-on.
Just to point out that the light and dark icons must be reversed in the manifest (theme_icons) or the names of those icons must be inverted.
(Version 2.0b2)


評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Thank you very much Sergio and Sanjeev, this method is a perfect alternative for Highlighter.

Emoji Menu

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

This add-on adds emojis in the correct way (unicode) but is only available when composing a HTML message. It would be nice to have a button in the main compose toolbar for the plain text messages!


評分: 4 / 5 顆星

Awesome add-on but needs more work: some features don't work in Thunderbird 60 :
- Export as SVG (not important for me)
- No icon + no context menu in the status bar (I've made myself some changes for this to work)

此意見為舊版本 (2.3.2) 的附加元件。 

S3.Google Translator

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

I used S3.Google Translator with previous versions of Thunderbird and I appreciated very much this add-on.
I'm now using TB 60 and I'm very pleased to see that you try to update your add-on. This version works but only with preset options because the options panel seems to be unusable : I can set nothing herein! That's harmful but I thank you for your efforts.

此意見為舊版本 (5.36) 的附加元件。 

Redirect Bypasser

評分: 3 / 5 顆星

From version 2 (2.0, 2.1, nor 2.1.1), RB doesn't work by me (Cyberfox 32.0.4 64-bit): the options page is empty!
Nevertheless, version 1.7 still works but I lost the last enhancements.

此意見為舊版本 (2.1.1) 的附加元件。