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名稱 Roland Spencer
加入日期 June 7, 2008
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Stylish - Custom themes for any website

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The addon I got looks nothing like what is pictured. I see no way to edit scripts. And the only way to install scripts is from userstyles or an URL. And once you do install a script from userstyles, the only options are to disable or remove them. Pretty useless like this with no way to edit scripts.

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DOM Inspector

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Find still seems to fail when searching for IDs. I've tried using both ID and searching for ID as an attribute, yet the search fails to find anything. And I have checked to make sure the item I'm searching for is there; I've even gone straight to the node before starting the ID search, yet nothing is ever found.

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Download Status Bar

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the buttons on either end of the bar are coded with background images marked important in the CSS. this makes it so the end user or other extensions can't readily modify the look of the buttons to blend in. My browser has a dark blue theme with white fonts, and the gray buttons with black text look terrible. Could you remove the important designations so the CSS can be overridden?

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Great extension... but it stopped working properly with the upgrade to Firefox 18. When downloading a file, you can still select a Favloc, and it even prompts for overwriting properly; but nothing downloads and there are no error messages.

Speed Dial

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Works great... except for the weather links. It looks like iGoogle is no longer providing the proper weather info to parse. Perhaps a different provider could be utilized.

Also, I have a future improvement request. Could you add a way to temporarily disable the background downloading. It would be nice to be able to temporarily suspend all the background downloading that speed dial is doing when I need the bandwidth for something else or when I'm utilizing private browsing mode (as some sites get messed up without cookies). Perhaps a button to be able to toggle the background downloading off would help.

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Simple Timer

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Uh... what's with the version numbers? I had version 1.9 and now I'm getting a notice that version 1.1 is the latest.

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