Edward Kariti


名称 Edward Kariti
位置 Boston, MA
职业 Painter
注册时间 Feb. 25, 2016
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Edward Kariti is a Boston born painter, with a world class reputation. Even as a child he displayed a great talent for art. He learned to draw and paint on his own, because his parents were too bhusy to pay attention to him. This skillful artist is best known for embracing his uniqueness and creating art that perfectly combines tradition and urban, resulting in a visual collage that grabs the viewers’ attention immediately. His expressionist style has turned into his signature look, and has allowed him to stand out from other modern artists. Nature and music have always been huge inspiration for the Boston native, which is more evident in some of his later works. Trying to convey his emotions and current state of mind, Edward Kariti looks deep into his soul, looking for the most sincere parts of him, that are worth the viewers attention. He continues to create and to inspire us with his visual magic.


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The green color rests my eyes!

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This is a masterpiece of blue colors :) Nice job!

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Like the way it is titled

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Everything is great here :)

Greetings from Edward Kariti