名稱 Teester
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加入日期 March 5, 2007
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.vcs Support 需要重新啟動

导入和导出 .vcs 格式的日历文件

評分: 3 / 5 顆星 (18)
223 位使用者

Evolution Mirror 需要重新啟動

Mirrors calendars to Evolution Database Server to allow them to be viewed through the gnome clock applet

評分: 4 / 5 顆星 (46)
7 位使用者

Timeline 需要重新啟動

A Timeline calendar view

評分: 4 / 5 顆星 (34)
51 位使用者

Purge Events 需要重新啟動

Purge events from Sunbird and Lightning calendars

評分: 2 / 5 顆星 (7)
2 位使用者

Right Click Watch Ignore 需要重新啟動

Adds "Watch Thread" and "Ignore Thread" to right click context menu in Thunderbird and Seamonkey.

評分: 3 / 5 顆星 (6)
3 位使用者


Restart Thunderbird

評分: 5 / 5 顆星

This addon has been an incredible time saver in my development of Thunderbird extensions. It appears to work fine in the latest betas of Thunderbird (up to 3.0b2 at least) if you manually alter the install.rdf.

此意見為舊版本 (0.9.1) 的附加元件。 

Export Calendar To Text

評分: 4 / 5 顆星

The extension works pretty well. It outputs the text files accurately according to the templates. (which are quite easy to prepare). Tests were done with various calendars containing a mixture of recurrences, alarms and various amounts of other data. The only major problem was the inability to exclude the text associated with a value if the value was blank in the event.

e.g if there is no category set, you still get "and the category is" outputted, with nothing after it.

It would also be nice to be able to specify headers and footers for the outputted file.

I didn't come across any major bugs while testing.

此意見為舊版本 (0.2.1) 的附加元件。