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A long-time and hopeful user of Xpunge and MultiXpunge with multiple gmail, yahoo, and corporate email accounts on Thunderbird, I have found this add-on to be essential, but problematic emptying and compacting my yahoo Trash and Spam bins. For both my yahoo accounts, I invariably have to manually empty and compact these folders, and since it doesn't work, often get TB message to manually compact. With the amount of trash and junk emails exponentially rising, this addon's capabilities are a must.

This problem happens with both my Yahoo accounts, which I've removed and re-added on multiple occasions. It doesn't happen with my gmail accounts.

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Dorando keyconfig

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Please, please, please add this How-To link to your description -- http://kb.mozillazine.org/Keyconfig_extension instead of saying the rest is self-explanatory. I had to install DOM Inspector to get the menu item to replace /*CODE*/

Also Control+Shift+F12 does not do anything for me on my Thinkpad T460s, Win10Pro, TB 60.4.0 32-bit Had to get there using Tools -- > Keyconfig ...

IMAP Received Date

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There is one insidious domain mail server (a US government site) that wreaks havoc with the dates. Default Repair Folder only makes it worse updating to current date and time. This add-on fixes that. After the add-on using Repair Folder is still impaired by what is shown in the "Date" column, but the "Received" column is perfect!

Hopefully Mozilla can update a fix to this issue.

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Josh Geenen (Developer) on August 16, 2011 "These e-mail addresses are only stored locally in Thunderbird to work around mailing list bugs/assumptions in Thunderbird. They will never get propagated to your Google contactss" --- >>

This is definitely unclear. Where in the settings does it offer a "Read Only" option? This is THE main reason I do not even want to experiment with gContactSync, much less rely on it. Google is way too integrated into my life for an add-on to screw it up.

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Auto Address Cleaner

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Stripping to bare address is fine for some, but I would like this to have the capability to replace formats to the way they appear in my address book, e.g.

[email protected] --> Bob Care
bob care --> Bob Care
"bob" --> Bob Care
'bobbing' --> Bob Care
'[email protected]' --> Bob Care

I usually search for emails by name and not email address & so in combination also use the Display Name / Sender Name addon.

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Sender Name

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Does exactly what it says. Just remember to add it under the columns viewed. Saves me the effort of trying to get people to clean up their send from address.

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I seem to like the interoperability with google calendar, but I cannot seem to send any meeting invites, and Lightning is sooo SLOW.

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