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Issue 1: the red "current time" bar on the week-view calendar is about 30 minutes late, compared to the actual time. E.g., my time now is 10:11 am, but that red bar looks like it's only almost but not yet 10.

Issue 2: I can't customize the calendar tool bar. Every time I restart Thunderbird, it rolls back to the default.

No above issues before updating to 68.

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Mozilla Archive Format, with MHT and Faithful Save

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There's no way to at least convert MHT to a readable format now. on the official website, the noticed window to do the conversion is only a month and now all my old file cannot be opened

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Provider for Google Calendar

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The addon was great. But I found today it becomes not working. Specifically, when I choose google calendar, it doesn't black out the location space and let me advance. So I'm just stuck there.

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